The Legacy of Salt Lake Mime Company & The Festival of Fools: A Conversation with Michael Evans.

In an exclusive interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Michael Evans, a remarkable co-writer and producer of the historic book that pays tribute to The Salt Lake Mime Company and the legendary Festival of Fools, which graced Amsterdam with its magic for many years. Michael Evans, who has played a pivotal role in immortalizing the enchanting world of mime and the Festival of Fools, shared fascinating insights into this remarkable journey of artistic expression and celebration.

The Salt Lake Mime Company, an iconic name in the world of performance art, and the Festival of Fools, a legendary event that captured the hearts of Amsterdam’s residents and visitors, come together in this extraordinary book. Michael Evans, a key figure behind this project, unveils the tale of how this masterpiece came to life.

From the early inception of the book project, Michael’s passion for preserving the artistic heritage of mime and celebrating the whimsical spirit of the Festival of Fools is palpable. The interview delves into the inspiration behind the book and the meticulous research and creative effort that went into bringing it to fruition. Michael shares anecdotes of his collaboration with co-writers and producers, shedding light on the collaborative synergy that made this project a reality.

Throughout the interview, we gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact that The Salt Lake Mime Company and the Festival of Fools had on the world of performance art. Michael eloquently describes the evocative journey of the book, taking readers on a sensory voyage into the mesmerizing world of mime and the unforgettable atmosphere of the Festival of Fools.

As we explore Michael Evans’ insights, we unearth the rich history and cultural significance of these two institutions. We also discover the profound influence they had on the art of mime, both in the United States and across the Atlantic in the heart of Amsterdam.

Michael’s personal reflections and stories shared in the interview provide a glimpse into the emotional and creative depths of this incredible project. This book not only serves as a tribute to The Salt Lake Mime Company and the Festival of Fools but also as a historical testament to the enduring power of artistic expression.

In the full interview, you’ll find a treasure trove of details about the journey of crafting this historic book. Michael’s passion, dedication, and the spirit of artistic celebration shine through every word. This book promises to be a captivating ode to the magic of mime and the enchantment of the Festival of Fools, an adventure that any lover of the arts should not miss. Join us as we step into the enchanting world of The Salt Lake Mime Company and the Festival of Fools through the eyes of the talented Michael Evans.

The Legacy of Salt Lake Mime Company & The Festival of Fools: A Conversation with Michael Evans

Amsterdam’s Compleat Fools is THE must-have memorabilia book, which takes us on a journey, from 1975-1984, through the lens of international mime-clown-foolery and deeply into important gatherings and Festivals that celebrated the renewal  and renaissance of these once ancient, mysterious art forms.

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