“Experience Spectacular Weekly Circus Delights at Cirkus Moxie, Hosted by Brooklyn Art Haus!”

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to explore the brand-new Brooklyn Art Haus, a haven for art enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs. I was especially thrilled to attend the weekly circus extravaganza called CIRKUS MOXIE, an event skillfully directed and curated by the talented Curated and Directed by @madeline.hoak.

Over the course of the past two weeks, I was treated to a mesmerizing spectacle of extraordinary performing arts that beautifully showcased the incredible skills of the artists involved. From gravity-defying aerial acts to captivating musical performances, CIRKUS MOXIE had it all, and I was utterly captivated by the talent on display.

This blog post will delve into my unforgettable experience at CIRKUS MOXIE and share some of the remarkable moments that left me in awe. So, grab your virtual ticket and join me as we step into the mesmerizing world of this weekly circus show at the Brooklyn Art Haus. Here is the list of performers that graced the stage.

MC Maks Turner

Dillan Harris (on rope)

Lila Bee

Tom Lewks (on piano)

Dillan Harris (on Rope)

Lila Bee (on rope)

Tom Lewks (on straps)

Cirkus Moxie Cast Curtain Call.

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com