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“I salute my friend Jim Moore for always being present where the action is and for his talent at extracting the essence of a performing scene. Bravo, well done!”

Philippe Petit, high wire artist


Exploring Geek Culture: Insights from Nathan Wakefield’s Lecture at The Sideshow Hootenanny, Coney Island, USA

Step right up to the extraordinary world of The Sideshow Hootenanny! 🎪 From jaw-dropping acts to eccentric performances, this event delivered everything you’d anticipate from a classic sideshow experience. But amidst the…

Eccentric Bear Cabaret Storms Back to Brooklyn Art Haus for an Electrifying April 2nd Show!

As April kicks off with the whimsical holiday for ‘Fools’, the excitement only builds as the 2nd brings forth the highly anticipated return of the Eccentric Bear Cabaret to the renowned Brooklyn…

🤠 Saddle up for Vaudevisuals’ Exclusive Interview with AJ Silver! 🌟 Discover the Bronx Cowboy’s New Show, Premiering April 19th & 20th! 🎬

Get ready for an inside look at the upcoming series of performances at The Brooklyn Art Haus! AJ Silver takes a moment to chat with Vaudevisuals Jim R. Moore, offering insights into…

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