Captivating moments from the Enchanting October 18th Performance of Cirkus Moxie!

“Cirkus Craze Takes Over the Big Apple: A Delightful Visual Journey”

The circus fever is sweeping through the streets of New York, and it’s an absolute delight for those of us who revel in the artistry of skilled circus performers. Being able to document these awe-inspiring shows has been an absolute treat.

Dive into the world of Cirkus Moxie with us, as we bring you an exclusive series from the mesmerizing performance that took place on October 18th at the Brooklyn Art Haus.

MC Mak Turner hyping up the crowd, setting the stage for an evening of incredible performances!

Captivating shot of Ryan Shinji skillfully balancing on two chairs, defying gravity as he reaches the ceiling with his remarkable balancing expertise.

In this captivating photo, Ryan Shinji gracefully acknowledges the audience with a bow following his mesmerizing hand-balancing performance.

Sultry and talented contortionist Gabrielle Simard-Moore kicks off her performance with a captivating split.

The captivating routines of Gabrielle Simard-Moore demand a combination of strength and dedicated practice to execute.

Tyler West welcomes an enthusiastic audience member onto the stage to be part of his captivating performance

Captured: A high-energy moment from Tyler’s performance, radiating sheer proactiveness.

In this captivating photo, Ryan Shinji passionately executes a clown routine, teetering on the brink of sheer madness, showcasing his remarkable performance skills and unwavering commitment to the art.

In this captivating snapshot, Ryan effortlessly executes a mid-air somersaults as he gracefully sheds his clown attire, showcasing a mesmerizing display of acrobatic skill and costume transformation

Capturing the final moments of the enchanting performance by Cirkus Moxie. The stage is now empty except for Ryan, bidding farewell to a mesmerized audience. Thank you all for being a part of this magical evening!”

Cirkus Moxie is performed every Wednesday with a new cast at Brooklyn Art Haus

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