‘The Handsome Little Devils’ at Barfly in Denver, Colorado


performed by ‘The Handsome Little Devils‘.

On the outskirts of Denver there exist an adorable ‘beat’ bar named after Charles Bukowski’s “Barfly” film. It is next door to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on West Colfax Avenue.

The night I attended the show featured ‘The Handsome Little Devils‘ duet. The show included juggling, magic, smoke, audience participation and a really fun time! This was the 1st night they were presenting this show at this venue! They will return EVERY first Wed of the month

Here are a few images I captured that night.

Cornelius doing a wonderful ‘hat juggling’ routine.

Audience participation was a key element in this show.

Cornelius doing a ‘$100 dollar bill penetration’ magic illusion.

Cornelius  (Mike Huling) juggling an egg, chainsaw and bowling ball!

Mike(Cornelius) and Cole Huling taking a well-deserved bow.

The company “The Handsome Little Devils” has many hands working to make these productions possible.

Mike Huling

Cole S. Huling

Dan Huling

Joseph Wartnerchaney

Coy Middlebrook

Jeff Calhoun

Check out their wonderful website for more information about their many varied successful shows!

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com