Vaudevisuals interview with Nathan Wakefield ~ ‘The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek’ ~ New Book!

The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek ~

Vaudevisuals interview with Nathan Wakefield ~ The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek ~ A new book!

Discover the Fascinating World of Sideshow Geeks with Nathan Wakefield’s Definitive Masterpiece!

“What’s a ‘geek’ you ask?” Nathan Wakefield’s latest book answers that question with an unprecedented depth that is set to make it the ultimate go-to volume for years to come. Dive into the captivating history of sideshow geeks like never before!

Nathan Wakefield embarked on a mission that few would dare: crafting a definitive account of the sideshow geek’s intriguing history. With masterful storytelling, he has achieved what many thought impossible. This book will become the definitive reference for enthusiasts and scholars alike.

Featuring a heartfelt endorsement from sideshow performer Matt “The Tube” Crowley, who exclaimed, “I thought ‘geek’ was just a carnival wild man show, but boy, did I have a lot to learn!” Wakefield’s “The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek” takes you on a journey that spans over 2500 years, from the magician Didi’s bird decapitation tricks to the modern-day feats of magicians like David Blaine and Fielding West.

But this book is not just about magic; it delves deep into the lives and experiences of sideshow performers and owners from bygone eras, including legends like Ward Hall, Bobby Reynolds, and Red Stuart. Wakefield’s meticulous research is further enriched by insights from academic scholars.

Within its pages, you’ll find fascinating appendices showcasing old sideshow pitch books, along with riveting reports and interviews. From the daring feats of chicken and snake handlers to the astonishing stunts of stone and nail eaters, and even the bizarre spectacle of college students swallowing goldfish—Wakefield leaves no stone unturned.

Not since Houdini’s “Miracle Mongers and Their Methods” and Joe Nickels’ “Secrets of the Sideshow” has a book of such historical significance graced the world of sideshow history. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of geeks, “The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek” is a must-read.

So, don’t miss out on this remarkable journey through the captivating history of geeks. Step right up and secure your copy today to become part of this extraordinary tale!


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