Split Bill ~ A Night of Whimsical Wonders: Three Acts Bring Laughter and Creativity to PhysFESTNYC.

PhysFestNYC played host to an enchanting evening of creative clowning, leaving the audience in stitches and with hearts full of joy. Three fantastic acts took the PhysFest stage, each bringing their unique flair to the world of comedic performance. Let’s delve into the delightful world of these talented performers and the magic they created.

  1. The Classically Trained Artiste: Hilary Chaplain, a grown-up woman unafraid to face adversity with a smile, took the PhysFest audience on a whimsical journey through her series of “Classically Trained Artistes.” In this hilarious performance, Chaplain revealed her true nature as a delightfully classy idiot, frolicking her way through outrageous comic situations. The act was introduced by the comically inspired Jane Nichols, setting the stage for an evening filled with laughter and charm.
  2. A Day in the Life of a Clown: And Plastic: Milla Blackwelder’s “A Day in the Life of The Clown: And Plastic” explored themes of self-expression, escapism, materialism, and the human condition. Using plastic materials, Blackwelder transformed mundane daily tasks into extraordinary events, captivating the PhysFest audience with a series of whimsical and thought-provoking moments. The act served as a playful reflection on the complexities of life, leaving spectators both entertained and contemplative.
  3. Once Upon A Clown: Created and performed by Aya Tucker, Kevin Allen, Julia Proctor, Nadav Wiesel, and Rachel Resnik, “Once Upon a Clown” was a fairytale-inspired show that brought dreams to life. The performance was directed by Julia Proctor and showcased a gaggle of clowns invited to the PhysFest, exploring the enchanting narrative of living one’s dream and getting what you wished for. The act left the audience wondering, what happens when you actually get what you desire?

The Classically Trained Artiste w/Hilary Chaplain

A Day in the Life of a Clown: And Plastic w/Milla Blackwelder

Once Upon a Clown

with Aya Tucker, Kevin Allen, Julia Proctor, Nadav Wiesel, and Rachel Resnik

Curtain call for the wonderful ‘Split Bill’ show!

Conclusion: The night of creative clowning at PhysFest was a resounding success, leaving the audience with lasting memories of laughter and joy. These three acts – The Classically Trained Artiste, A Day in the Life of a Clown: And Plastic, and Once Upon A Clown – brought a unique blend of humor, creativity, and whimsy to the PhysFest stage. It was a celebration of the clowning craft and a reminder of the power of laughter to uplift and inspire. Here’s to more nights of enchantment and merriment at PhysFest!

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com