Circus Roncalli’s ‘Journey to the Rainbow’ at Lincoln Center.

Circus Theater Roncalli’s “Journey to the Rainbow” at Lincoln Center 12/21/23

Sitting ringside at the Circus Roncalli was such a treat! I got to photograph all the performers from an amazing perspective. I have listed the performers below but not in the order the appeared in the show but in the order they appeared in the program. Circus Theater Roncalli is presented in cooperation with New York’s legendary Big Apple Circus.

Paolo Carillon & Nox ~ Poetic Clown/Bubble Act and his daughter the singer.

Devlin Bogino ~ Roncalli’s youngest clown.

Trio Confido ~ Harmonius fluid movement statues.

Noel Aguliar ~ Monte Carlo Festival Award-winning juggler from Mexico.

Andrey Romanovsky ~ The award-winning Ukrainian contortionist.

Iryna Galenchyk & Vladyskav Drobinko ~ A talented aerial duo who met online.

Paquin Jr. & Angelo ~ Award-winning white clown and Auguste from Mexico.

Kirichenko ~ Nikolav and company comprise this ‘Banquine’ act.

Geoffrey Berghault ~ Two crossing tight wires are his stage.

La Fiesta Escenica ~ Award winning ‘Circo Roncalli Polar Bear Act’.

Christoph Gobet & Julian Kaiser ~ Trapeze duo with ‘high-tension’ tricks.

Oriol Boixader ~ A wonderful clown from Spain who cooks ‘paella’ like a chef.

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Tickets are available for the Circus Theater Roncalli until Jan 12th, 2024.

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