Lone Wolf Tribe’s “THE GOD PROJEKT” @ LaMama etc. Nov 14th thru 24th

Kevin Augustine’s LONE WOLF TRIBE is at it again.

Last time it was the Award Winning BRIDE and now The God Projekt.

Conceived by Kevin Augustine, written & directed by Kevin Augustine and Edward Einhorn, in association with United Theater Company #61.

A humorous extravaganza on religion and secular morality that investigates the historical legacy of monotheism.

Kevin Augustine (as God) does a surreal take on the Almighty.

This world premiere is dedicated to
the memory of Jane Henson.

Kevin Augustine in The God Project at LaMama etc.

Kevin Augustine and Adam in The God Project at LaMama etc.

2013.11.13_KevinA-God.263Edward Einhorn as ‘Heaven’s Assistant’ moving the words off the page onto the stage.

Kevin Augustine and audience member in The God Project at LaMama

Kevin Augustine with Monkey in The God Project at LaMama etc.

Kevin Augustine in The God Project at LaMama etc.


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Kevin Augustine: Puppet Design
Gloria Sun: Prop Design
Mark Bruckner: Sound Designer
Gian Marco Lo Forte: Set Design
Jeff Nash: Light Design
Joanna Strange: Assistant Director
Morgan Jenness, John Clancy: Creative Consultant
Dillon Slagle: Dramaturg
Ilya Vett: Puppet Technical Director
Ayumu “Poe” Saegusa: Assistant Light Design
Alexandra Berch & Meng Jin Su: Assistant Set Design
Charlie Kanev: Stage Hand/Puppeteer

Raffaela Vergata: Stage Manager

Marketing / Publicity: Jennifer Conley Darling

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com