Jango Edwards ~ Barcelona ‘Festival of Fools’. Sept 4th – Oct 2nd, 2022


The start of the Festival of Fools that turns Barcelona into the world capital of clowning until October 2 has been marked by the statements made by the American clown Jango Edwards on TV3. Edwards, who settled in the city of Barcelona, ​​has explained that he has terminal cancer and that the Festival of Fools is his gift to the city of Barcelona and at the same time his artistic legacy.
The Festival of Fools turns Barcelona into the world capital of clowning with a program that includes theater shows, street actions, and a film cycle. An initiative inspired by the festival created in 1975 in Amsterdam, where some of the clowns who will perform these days in Barcelona already participated, such as Jango Edwards himself, Tortell Poltrona or Johnny Melville.

This clip is from: Evening news – 09/05/2022

Jango Edwards talks about the Festival of Fools and his terminal cancer.

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Jim R. Moore


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