SURF REALITY ~ Serious Pratfalls ~ June 27th, 1998

June 27th, 1998

Notes on this show presented at Surf Reality from producer/founder Robert Prichard.

Jeff Eyres, Host

1) Rev. Hank AKA Hank Flynn

Rev. Hank

2) Margaret Trigg, Margaret starred in an ABC sitcom in 1996 called Aliens in The Family which was ABC’s attempt to get on NBC’s 3rd Rock From The Sun train. Margaret used to rent Surf for showcases so that her industry connections could see her friends perform. She was an amazing talent and a beautiful human being who died much too young in 2003. I first met Margaret when I was videotaping the No Shame series at The Public Theater, curated by Matt Mitler. I think this was in 1991.

Margaret Trigg

3) Jonny Fido, Jonny was a member of the sketch group “Mental Furniture ”with Jeff Eyres, Tom Carozza, Glen Heroy and directed by Matt Mitler. Before Surf Reality I used to document them with my video camera.

4) Andrea Rosen. I am no longer in touch with Andrea. But she did great character sketches.

5) Irwin Smalls Trio, Michael Bernard and Adam Felber. Adam was Bill Maher‘s head writer for many years and he’s one of the hosts of Wait Don’t Tell Me with Paula Poundstone on PBS.

6) Mark Mitton with cameos by James Godwin and Barry Agida AKA David Jenness.

7) Trav S D

Trav SD

8) James Godwin.

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