Discover Pat Oleszko’s Captivating World of Art: A Must-See Exhibit!

David Peter Francis is thrilled to present “Pat’s Imperfect Present Tense,” the first solo exhibition by New York-based artist Pat Oleszko at the gallery, marking her return to the NYC art scene since 1990. This exhibition revisits pivotal performances, inflatables, and videos from 1972 to today, showcasing Oleszko’s lifelong pursuit of absurdity.

Oleszko’s art defies boundaries, merging into every aspect of her work. This extensive survey features decades of well-worn sculptures from her rich collection. These unique costumes are central to her performances and video works, captivating viewers with her sophisticated, pun-filled universe.

Early in her career, Oleszko had a “eureka moment” when her sculptures repeatedly collapsed. She discovered that her body could be the perfect platform for her art, eliminating the need for traditional supports. Her transformation into a living canvas began during her time as a burlesque dancer. Works like “The Handmaiden” (1975) use humor to explore feminist critiques of power and sexual dynamics, exaggerating society’s obsession and fear surrounding sex. Just as a costume holds the body, Oleszko’s use of herself as a vessel provides a fertile ground for both playful and critical commentary on human civilization.

In 1998, after receiving the prestigious Rome Prize, Oleszko was jailed for her performance as “The Nincompope” in Vatican City, illustrating the powerful impact of her comedic art. Her work often highlights the consequences of comedy, whether ignored or front and center, challenging societal norms and embracing freedom.

Join us in celebrating the whimsical and profound world of Pat Oleszko at “Pat’s Imperfect Present Tense,” where absurdity meets artistry in a dazzling display of creative genius.

Pat Oleszko (b. 1947, Detroit) earned her BFA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Since the early 1970s, she has showcased her art at prominent venues like the Museum of Modern Art, The Kitchen, Whitney Museum of American Art, Lincoln Center, and internationally renowned institutions. She received the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1990 and the Rome Prize in 1998. Oleszko continues to live and work in New York City.

Daniel Peter Francis Gallery ~ 35 East Broadway ~ Suite 3F ~ New York NY 10002

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