Clown Gym Unveils the Epic ‘HERO’ Show at Chelsea Factory!

HERO: In a land where the gods, animals, and even Daddy have gone AWOL, a motley crew of dreamers is on the hunt for a hero to save the day. Armed with original live music, makeshift instruments, circus tricks, dance, Greek tragedy, pantomime, and some hilariously serious acting, these clowns are determined to turn their performance dreams into reality—and maybe, just maybe, save the world while they’re at it.

This show was a delightful adventure, directed by the dynamic duo Julia Proctor and Rachel Resnik and devised by the creative minds of Kevin Allen, Lex Alston, Michael Galligan, Julia Proctor, Rachel Resnik, and Aya Tucker.

Starring the talented Kevin Allen, Lex Alston, Michael Galligan, Julia Proctor, and Aya Tucker, with original music composed and directed by Lex Alston, this performance hit all the right notes. Production management is skillfully handled by Rachel Resnik, with Charlie Delaney assisting in direction and Francesca Piccioni assisting in stage management.

This work-in-progress from the Clown Gym Ensemble was developed in Spring 2024 and first presented at Chelsea Factory on June 11th, 2024.

For more information on Clown Gym and the bios for the performers click here!

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