Circus Amok performs their new show “The Double or The Wisdom of the Owl” in Prospect Park.

Circus Amok dazzled audiences this month with their spectacular summer bonanza, “The Double or The Wisdom of the Owl,” performed in five New York City parks. Their shows drew hundreds of enthusiastic fans, both new and returning from past summers, eager to experience the magic once again. I had the pleasure of attending the vibrant performance in Prospect Park on a warm, sunny day. Check out the captivating photographs of the show below!

Company includes: Jennifer Miller, director ~ Jenna Taus, Lex Alston, Pher Gleason, Zo Williams, David Guzman, Roustabout, Sam Wilson, Roustabout.


Jenny Romaine, musical director and accordion, Ben Meyers (trombone), Kee Free (Percussion), Mary Feaster (bass), Jessica Lurie (sax) and sound by Ray Cunningham.


Rik Daniels, Keith Nelson, Jennifer Monsoon, Ryan Shinji

To find out more about this delightfully innovative company visit their website here!

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