Chicken Big: Gets Physical ~ A Hilarious Food Show Adventure!

Chicken Big: Gets Physical is more than a piece of theater — it is another rich chapter in Chicken Big’s meteoric rise to wealth, status, and fame. A get-rich-quick schemes masquerading as a comedy show, Chicken Big: Gets Physical will feature the debut of Chicken Big’s groundbreaking new line of human-integrated devices, such as the Human Piñata™, the Human Blender™, and more. An evening of participatory, mostly improvised comedy, Chicken Big: Gets Physical is part clown, part improv, and a whole lot of chaos at PhysFestNYC.

Lars Montanaro, Tej Khanna Ibhan Kulkarni, and (Names not in order of appearance)

The Human Piñata™ in action.

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Jim R. Moore


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