Soaring Elegance: Cirkus Moxie Unveils the Enchantment of Aerial Arts for All to Enjoy!

Cirkus Moxie stands as a captivating embodiment of the classic circus experience, evoking the nostalgic charm of yesteryears with its enchanting big top atmosphere and sawdust-laden floors. In the tradition of traditional circuses, it weaves a tapestry of timeless entertainment that resonates with audiences of all ages. The allure of daring acrobatics, mesmerizing illusions, and comical antics is presented with a modern twist, ensuring that Cirkus Moxie remains a relevant and thrilling spectacle in today’s entertainment landscape.

This fusion of classic and contemporary elements brings joy and wonder to spectators and pays homage to the rich history of the circus. Cirkus Moxie serves as a living tribute, celebrating the magical and whimsical while showcasing the enduring appeal of a time-honored spectacle under the iconic big top. As the tradition continues to bedazzle and enthrall, it keeps the spirit of the circus alive, creating a bridge between the charm of the past and the excitement of the present.

Lena Horné (@lenahornay) as host and musical entertainer

Dillan Harris (@dilla_vanilla) (frayed rope act and corde lisse act)

Lisa Natoli (@ironfanny) (silks)

Sam Sweet (@Shammysweet) (hand balancing)

Clair Vogel (@clairingaria) (trapeze)

Dillan Harris (@dilla_vanilla) Corde Lisse Act

Curtain call for the Cirkus Moxie cast.

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of