Welcome Home: The Eccentric Bear Cabaret Returns with a Roar for the New Year!

After a Brief Hiatus, the Spectacular Variety Show “Eccentric Bear Cabaret” Returns to The Brooklyn Art Haus with an Outstanding Lineup!

Isaac Young, a Genuine Talent, Kicks Off the Evening with a Heartwarming ‘Love’-Themed Song.

Nina Divina, Mastermind behind Stonewall Inn‘s Muse Mondays, Opens the Night with an Electrifying Burlesque Performance to ‘I See Red’ by Everybody Loves an Outlaw.

The Lady Aye, Renowned Author and Sideshow Performer, Dazzles the Crowd with a Display of Elegance and Skill in Her Timeless Sword Swallowing Act.

Charlie Diamond, the Soulful Folk Musician, Delivered a Moving Performance of Two Original Songs Enriched with Guitar and Harmonica Melodies.

Antonio Robbinstinez, Embodied by Clown and Comedian Jeff Quintana, Ignites the Audience with a Burst of Energy, Delivering an Unforgettable Improvisational Performance Packed with Inspiration

Artina Darkly, Renowned as the ‘Regent of Melancholic Burlesque,’ Mesmerizes the Audience with her Sensual Performance to Teddy Swims’ ‘Lose Control,’ Displaying Remarkable Skill and Charm.

With Cello in Hand, Clown Becca Bernard Captivates the Audience with a Side-Splitting and Touching Narrative, Culminating in a Unforgettable Swan Lake-inspired Death Scene.

Away from the spotlight but never unnoticed, Richard Lowenburg, the talented house pianist of Eccentric Cabaret, serenaded the audience with his charming melodies, perfectly complementing the night’s whimsical atmosphere.

Discover the Eccentric Bear Cabaret, a dazzling showcase brought to you by the innovative Eccentric Bear Theater Company. Explore their array of captivating projects right HERE!

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com