Exploring the World of Comedy and Mime: A Candid Conversation with Johnny Melville

In a captivating tête-à-tête with Vaudevisuals, we delve into the multifaceted world of Johnny Melville – a seasoned clown, accomplished actor, and master mime. His journey in the spotlight has spanned decades, leaving an indelible mark on prestigious events like the Festival of Fools. Notably, he played an integral role in its formative years and even co-directed the latest edition of the Barcelona-based Festival of Fools alongside the renowned clown Jango Edwards. Beyond his captivating performances, Melville seamlessly blends his acting, clowning, and mime talents in his dual roles as a film director and a sought-after movement consultant.

Unveiling the man behind the nose, the interview unveils a treasure trove of insights into the art of comedy, the nuances of mime, and the world of clowning. Johnny Melville’s journey is a testament to the power of theatrical skills – how they can transcend boundaries and create a language that resonates across cultures and generations.

From his early days as a pivotal figure in the Festival of Fools to his recent co-directorship alongside Jango Edwards, Melville’s impact on the world of clowning is profound. The festival’s evolution mirrors his artistic growth, and his collaboration with Edwards adds a new layer to their artistic camaraderie.

Melville’s creative prowess extends beyond the stage as he seamlessly weaves his expertise into the realm of filmmaking. As a film director, he harnesses his acting and movement proficiency to craft compelling narratives that transcend the screen. This unique synergy of skills allows him to portray stories that resonate deeply with audiences, offering a fresh perspective on storytelling.

Furthermore, Johnny Melville’s role as a movement consultant underscores his commitment to the craft. His insights into physicality, expression, and non-verbal communication bring a new dimension to performers seeking to elevate their acts. Through workshops, consultations, and collaborations, he imparts a wealth of knowledge garnered from his extensive journey in the entertainment industry.

In this exclusive interview, we peel back the layers of Johnny Melville’s artistic journey, discovering the driving forces, challenges, and milestones achieved. His experiences serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring comedians, actors, and performers, offering a glimpse into the dedication and passion required to leave an enduring legacy in the entertainment world.

As we unravel the captivating narrative of Johnny Melville’s career, we find that his fusion of acting, clowning, and mime paints a picture of a true artistic visionary. His contributions to the Festival of Fools and the wider world of entertainment reflect a life dedicated to the pursuit of creative expression and the profound impact it can have on both artist and audience alike.

Vaudevisuals interview with Johnny Melville

(Left to Right) Matt Mitler, Johnny Melville, Justin Case and Pete Wear in an improv in the late-night Melkweg club, Amsterdam….1978

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For me, a clown is the greatest actor in the world: from the dramatic to the absurd, from hilarity to pathos. When one reaches clown in its pure sense, he can entertain anyone, anywhere. Clowns are the gods of comedy: Johnny Melville is such a clown“.

Jango Edwards R.I.P.

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In the interview, Johnny talks about the new book co-authored with Michael Evans, which is the definitive history of the ‘Festival of Fools‘.

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