The Variety Show Spectacular!!! May 9th, 2022

It started with this poster! (designed by Noah Diamond)

I organized the ultimate Variety show that included all the brilliant performers I had photographed over the years at the Slipper Room! (A heavenly venue!) The show was scheduled for May 9th (A Monday!) and the house was packed. The show was (#fuckingfantastic) as the dynamically handsome performer Wilfredo always says. Here are some highlights from the show both photographs and videos. (Photography should be credited to the infamous Norman Blake. A fixture in the community for years and one helluva photographer. I shot the videos.)

Hosted by the irreplaceable English dandy Sir Richard Castle.
Sir Richard Castle sings a little ‘ditty’ and you can sing along!
Magicman Matthew Holtzclaw
Exotic Hula Hoop contortionist Ellie Steingraeber (Here is a video link to view Ellie’s performance. Can’t post it publicly due to copyright issues. HERE! )
Stand up comedian Nat Towsen
The Original Tyler West
Music is my life and my life is music! The theremin master Cornelius Loy
Mystical magic maven Cardone
The captivating and so talented Elizabeth Munn
The intensely eccentric vocal acrobat Zero Boy
Wilfredo (Matt Roper) closed out the show with an audience singalong of New York New York! What a great night it was!!

(Noah Diamond was originally scheduled to appear performing his amazing ‘Groucho‘ but got caught being exposed to Covid the day before! Stayed safe! Next time for sure~ I missed Groucho closing the first half!)

Stay tuned for another great night of Variety in the months to follow!

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of