The Laugh Firm of Crozzi,Bastard and Boy – Gershwin Hotel – Jan. 11th, 2011

What a delightful romp thru the minds of 3 of NY’s wildest performers.

The Red Bastard, William Shakespeare and Zero Boy

I must admit I was having trouble shooting the show. The laughter made it impossible!

Here is William Shakespeare (Chris Rozzi) making his entrance.

William Shakespeare informed the audience that he wasn’t only an author, director and poet but also a performer of monologs.

Here (Chris Rozzi) does a new ‘original’ science fiction story for the audience at the Gershwin Hotel.

Reading the ‘reviews’ got him worried for a minute.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Red Bastard (Eric Davis) had the audience in the palm of his hand as soon as he entered the room.

Gesturing in wildly choreographed moves he captivated all present with ‘instructions on life’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zero Boy makes his mark by creating an audio track for your nightmares. (or his!)

We witness the Coney Island roller coaster, merry go round and a western movie thrown in for good measure.

His body contorts with his hands and rubber face as he covers the audience with an immense vocabulary of sound effects.

His talent to create sound effects is so convincing that it seems to take command of his body as he visualizes the experience for the audience to see.

A wonderful evening of fun, imagination and hilarity.

If you see any of these performers in your neighborhood – – – Go See Them!


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