The Estudio Búsqueda’s 50th Anniversary Festival ~ 11/10-13 2022

To commemorate this year’s 50th anniversary, the Estudio Búsqueda de Pantomima-Teatro, under the 50-year direction of Maestro Sigfrido Aguilar, has planned a celebratory festival in Guanajuato, Mexico, inviting former students to perform new works in plazas and theaters around the city. The Festival Corpus Comediantes – Locura Pura will take place November 10th-14th.

The proceeds from this fundraising campaign will provide necessary accommodations, transportation and modest honorariums for the artists performing in the festival. The Festival Corpus Comediantes – Locura Pura has not received any public funding and will rely on this campaign to support the artists attending and their free performances throughout the city.

The Estudio Búsqueda is an independent, nonprofit center for exploration and experimentation in physical theater, focused on the innovative teaching and research by Maestro Aguilar. Sigfrido has created a dynamic method for young artists to develop a personal approach to corporal expression.

Tucked into the mountains of the Central Mexican Plateau, the Estudio has maintained its integrity and mission. It has flourished and grown while facing the adversities of funding in the arts, surviving 50 years from primarily private support.

You can read the personal stories and experiences of those who have accompanied the Estudio Búsqueda throughout their creative journey on the Estudio website,, testimonies of those brave travelers who have written of their inspired present, in celebration of our shared past.

Your support at this critical time is a tribute to Sigfrido Aguilar’s legacy as a master teacher, innovative director, and boundary-pushing performing artist.


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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of