The Dynamic Artistry Unleashed at The Eccentric Bear Cabaret!

Embark on this unforgettable evening at Brooklyn Art Haus as The Eccentric Bear Cabaret took the stage and delivered a mesmerizing array of talents and performance disciplines. From enchanting music and mystifying magic to delightful clowns and soulful singing, this night’s showcase provided an exceptional blend of entertainment. Check out the magic of this extraordinary variety show—it’s a night that never fails to captivate and delight the audience.

Leading the mesmerizing night of entertainment is the charismatic maestro, Isaac Young, who takes on the roles of both MC and producer for this captivating event.

Launching the show with a burst of comedic energy, Bryan Fernandez, a natural-born buffoon, skillfully delivers a stream of jokes with precision and humor.

In his uniquely original and hysterically funny performance, Michael Galligan takes on the role of an anxious cloud attempting to conquer karaoke.

MC Isaac Young encourages an audience member to take the spotlight and belt out a tune.

Singer-songwriter Billionaire Recipes (Marlena Ospina) graced the stage with two beautiful original songs, infusing the evening with depth and heartfelt melodies.

Renowned clown and comedian Mike Kramer held the audience spellbound, enthralling them with his dynamic sense of humor and rapid-fire sight gags.

In a hilarious spectacle, Dr. Pockets (Matthew Van Gessel) comically grapples with the art of making a banana disappear, concluding his act with a lively rendition of “Call Me Maybe.”

The audience was thrilled as house pianist Richard Lowenburg astounded with his virtuosic musicianship and an immensely entertaining performance of musical mentalism that brought the house down.

The vibrant Drag chanteuse Lena Horné delighted the audience with spirited and emotive renditions from Candide and The Color Purple.

Explore the details of the final Eccentric Bear Cabaret of the year happening on December 13, 2023 – discover more about this not-to-be-missed event here!

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of