Silent Spectacles Unveiled: Broken Box Mime Theater Mesmerizes at Brooklyn Art Haus!

The enchanting world of silent plays was brought to vibrant life by The Broken Box Mime Theater during their recent performance at the Brooklyn Art Haus. With a dynamic ensemble of 20 performers, six of whom graced the stage to present a captivating series of 10 plays, the evening unfolded in two acts. The first act featured selections from their repertoire, showcasing the company’s established prowess, while the second act unveiled new creations by a subset of the talented cast. The showcase not only demonstrated a remarkable display of technique and discipline but also culminated in a truly outstanding theatrical experience for the audience.

The company includes the following: Becky Baumwoll, Joe Perez, David Jenkins, Jae Woo, Blake Haberman, Josh Wynter, Matt Zambrano, Julie Cavagna, Nick Abeel, Regan Sims, Tia Cassmira, Dinah Berkeley, Leah Wagner, Duane Cooper, Kristin McCarthy Parker, Marissa Molner, Geraldine Dulex, Ismael Castillo, Deniz Erzaim and Tasha Milkman.

Below are a selection of images from the show.

The Curtain Call

The cast for this evening’s performance included Ismael Castillo, Geraldine Dulex, David Jenkins, Kristin McCarthy Parker, Tasha Milkman and Jae Woo.

Be sure to keep up with the company’s numerous performances and workshops. Their goal is to IGNITE the audience’s imagination, MODERNIZE the art of mime, and underscore the potency of STRAIGHTFORWARD STORYTELLING!

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