PhysFest Highlights: Unforgettable Moments from Masc4Mask, Glimpses, and The Blu Room Show! Jan 11th, 2024.


The First Annual PhysFestNY was an incredible kickoff to my 2024! The abundance of performers and shows was mind-blowing. I couldn’t capture them all, but I want to share one standout ‘SplitBill’ that showcased a fantastic mix of genres and styles. I’m currently editing more shows, so stay tuned to my blog for a closer look at the festival through my lens. Exciting content is coming your way soon!

MASC4MASK ~ Nick Mayfield

One comedian (Nick Mayfield) transforms into a cast of characters in this comic extravaganza of queer identity. Part stand-up, part improv, part commedia, character-driven, pantomime-adjacent hijinks (What does that mean? Wouldn’t you like to know? Yes, you would! Think gay Robin Williams let loose on late, late, late night TV, WITH MASKS), MASC4MASK breathes life into multiple POVs from Boston Mark, who may be suffering from just a soupcon of internalized homophobia, “I mean I’m definitely gay, but I’m not GAY gay,” to La Capitanx, who will undoubtedly be obSESSED with your look and knows some creative ways to bring dom mommy energy to a double bottom situation. Grab your poppers and let’s dive DEEP!

GLIMPSES ~ Maren Westgard

Glimpses is a theatrical choreography piece utilizing Maren Westgard’s primary approach to movement, micro-choreography. Inspired by the life contained within statue, Glimpses brings Auguste Rodin’s raw and contorted sculptures and from stillness to life. Manipulating small, pedestrian movement, elements of sculpture transform into narrative rhythm and structure. This exploration is intimate, introspective, and highlights the fleeting and immediate nature of the human body.


The Blu Room Show is a one-man multilingual multimedia play about a late-night talk show host covering issues around anti-Asian hate crimes as his grandma tries to call him during work. Our goal is to spread awareness of the issues surrounding the AAPI community and to provide opportunity for healing and empowerment through comedy, music, cultural references, and current events. Though we focus on Asian American identity, we believe that everybody can relate to the topics and discussions mentioned in our show. 

For bios, descriptions, and more information about the performers, visit this link!

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