LaMama Coffeehouse Chronicles #127 – KInding Sindaw – June 13th, 2015

2015.06.13_Kinding.011Potri Ranka Manis Queano Nur – Founder/Artistic Director introduced the audience to the afternoons agenda.


 “The dances of KINDING SINDAW originate from the royal court dances of the Maranao-Sultante – a repertory of the sacred, classic, and secular combining grace and vigor, dnaces that directly reflect their rich natural enviornment. Dancers imitate the graceful movements of birds, fish, butterflies, rivers, streams, and ocean trekking boats, celebrate fertility in vigorous choreography, sway delicately using colorful fans and scarves, and dramatically inspire through the martial art of silat.”

The afternoon event was celebrating the work of ‘Kinding Sindaw’ and the founder/artistic director Potri Ranka Manis Queano Nur.

A panel discussion included the following persons: Porti Ranka Manis/Ellin Anisha Guro/Dr. Nonilon V. Queano, Ph.D/Malaika Queano/ Dr. Lisa Parker, Ph.D/Corky Lee (Photographer)

2015.06.13_Kinding.238Left to Right – Moderator: Anne Beryl Coroton Naguit/Porti Ranka Manis/Ellin Anisha Guro/Dr. Nonilon V. Queano, Ph.D/Malaika Quenao/Dr. Lisa Parker/Corky Lee

The panel discussion featured all of the panelist and their contribution to the company and it’s history. Short films were shown which included work done with LaMama founder Ellen Stewart and an excerpt from a recent performance by the company.

2015.06.13_Kinding.027One of the lovely indigenous costumes worn by the Kinding Sindaw dancers.

2015.06.13_Kinding.053Photographer Corky Lee talks about his work documenting the company.

2015.06.13_Kinding.079Guro Frank Ortega demonstrates the Silat style martial art.

2015.06.13_Kinding.271A closeup of one of the dancers to show the indigenous headdress and costume. 2015.06.13_Kinding.229Potri Ranka Manis talks about the Philipines and it’s historical tradition in regard to the dance company she founded.

2015.06.13_Kinding.296The entire cast of Kinding Sindaw and members of the LaMama staff pose for a group portrait.

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 For more information on Kinding Sindaw click here to visit their website.

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of