Exploring Geek Culture: Insights from Nathan Wakefield’s Lecture at The Sideshow Hootenanny, Coney Island, USA

Step right up to the extraordinary world of The Sideshow Hootenanny! 🎪 From jaw-dropping acts to eccentric performances, this event delivered everything you’d anticipate from a classic sideshow experience. But amidst the whirlwind of oddities and entertainment, one lecture stood out.

Delivered by the insightful Nathan Wakefield, his talk delved deep into the peculiar realm of sideshow culture. 🤹‍♂️ After five years of meticulous research and countless interviews with performers, Nathan unveiled the captivating story of “The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek.” 📚

On Sunday, April 7th at 5 pm, the crowd gathered at Coney Island, USA, eager to uncover the secrets and mysteries of this unique subculture. Nathan’s lecture offered a fascinating glimpse into the strange world of showbiz and human behavior. Don’t miss out on the highlights from this unforgettable presentation! 🎟️

“The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek” is the lecture Nathan Wakefield gave at Coney Island, USA.

The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek can be purchased from the publisher at:

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Jim R. Moore


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