Experience the Unpredictable and Whimsical ‘Clown Gym’s Clown Flex’ show at Brooklyn Art Haus!

Step into the realm of the unpredictable and edgy with the bi-monthly extravaganza known as Clown Gym’s CLOWN FLEX—an evening that pushes the boundaries of clowning in diverse and unexpected ways. This unique showcase unfolds with a myriad of clown discipline styles, promising an experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Guiding you through this whimsical journey are the ‘lovely’ hostesses Lex Alson and Julia Proctor, who add their own charm and flair to the proceedings. CLOWN FLEX stands as a testament to the versatility and creativity within the world of clowning, offering a stage where various styles collide, creating an atmosphere of delightful chaos and unscripted fun.

Each month, the audience is treated to an array of performances that defy expectations, showcasing the incredible range of clowning arts. From classic slapstick to avant-garde antics, CLOWN FLEX promises an evening of laughter, surprise, and the sheer joy of embracing the unpredictable nature of clowning. Hosted by your friendly MC’s Lex Alston and Julia Proctor, this event is a celebration of the unconventional, inviting spectators to revel in the unexpected brilliance of the clowning world.


In ensuring the success of the avant-garde ‘Clown Flex’ show at Brooklyn Art Haus, the initial priority was to establish a secure environment for both the space and the audience. Taking charge of this crucial task was none other than Kristin McCarthy Parker, the designated ‘Safety Inspector.’ Armed with the ubiquitous office tool, the humble ‘Post-its,’ Kristin meticulously conducted her examination. Employing a simple yet effective method, she distributed ‘Safe’ and ‘Unsafe’ post-its, affixing them to chairs and furniture throughout the venue. This attention to safety underscored the commitment to creating an experience that was not only wild and surreal but also prioritized the well-being of all attendees.

Sloan Brettholtz confidently stepped onto the stage, passionately delivering her message while firmly clutching the Bible. The audience responded with enthusiastic cheers, echoing familiar slogans often heard in local congregations. Amidst her sermon, Sloan singled out a member of the congregation, engaging them in conversation and learning their name. As their connection grew, she extended an invitation for them to join her on stage, where together they prayed and discovered a shared belief.

Lex and Julia had a wonderfully hysterical time MCing the show.

As they appeared, the enigmatic THE BOOF took center stage, leaving the audience in suspense about what was to unfold. The spotlight revealed a larger-than-life character adorned in an extravagant wedding dress, and to the surprise of onlookers, two additional characters emerged from beneath the voluminous garment. Describing the experience is a challenge; it’s one of those situations where you had to be there to truly grasp the essence of the performance.

In an extraordinary display of creativity and theatricality, BOOFNYC, comprising the talented individuals Madeleine Joyce, Octavia Leona Kohner, Michael Gilligan, and Kayla Juntilla, captivated the audience with their surreal presentation. The photographs captured during the performance offer a glimpse into the otherworldly nature of their act, but as with any avant-garde spectacle, words and images can only convey so much. The true magic unfolded in the live experience, where the unexpected and the surreal merged seamlessly to create a one-of-a-kind artistic expression.

Sing Along with Sunny Chatum ~ Clown Flex

Stepping into the spotlight as Sunny Chatum, Krista Komondor took the stage with a Texan singer/songwriter persona, delivering a performance that left the audience in stitches. Before serenading the crowd with a delightful and quirky song about everyone’s favorite condiment—ketchup—Sunny Chatum treated the audience to a side-splitting and amusingly lengthy monologue. Krista’s comedic charm and humorous narrative added an extra layer of entertainment to the evening, making the performance a memorable blend of storytelling and musical whimsy. Krista Komondor (as Sunny Chatum) performed as a Texas singer/songwriter who gave the audience a very humorous and long-winded explanation before finally singing a little song about Ketchup.

Taking on the role of the iconic ‘Mary,’ Sarah Ann Houghton delivered a powerful and metaphorical performance centered around the theme of childbirth. Throughout the act, Mary could be heard repeatedly calling for her on-stage husband, ‘Joseph,’ in moments of apparent distress. The climax of the performance came with the symbolic delivery of an inflated ‘white balloon,’ a striking representation of the profound moment.

Sarah Ann skillfully conveyed the emotional tumult associated with childbirth through her expressive movements and facial gestures. The audience was drawn into the intensity of the performance as Mary navigated the complexities of bringing forth new life. Houghton’s ability to breathe life into the metaphorical narrative, combined with the compelling use of props and physicality, made for a captivating and emotionally resonant experience that left a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to witness the unique interpretation of this timeless tale.

In Kevin Allen‘s intriguing ‘Law & Order’ performance, he embarked on a solo, absurd detective story that revolved around a hamburger and a character from a well-known TV show. Skillfully taking on multiple roles, Allen masterfully set the stage for the narrative with a theatrical flair that captivated the audience from the start.

One of the standout elements of the act was Allen’s ingenious use of a cardboard mask to denote the ‘culprit.’ The absurdity of this choice, coupled with the humor infused into the character—dubbed Clowney—elicited laughs from the audience. The juxtaposition of a serious detective story with a touch of absurdity showcased Allen’s comedic prowess and added a layer of entertainment that kept the audience engaged throughout. The clever incorporation of theatrical elements and humor made Kevin Allen’s ‘Law & Order’ piece a standout performance, leaving the crowd both amused and impressed.

After the show, portrait of the cast and crew. CLOWN GYM! Look out for the upcoming PHYSFEST coming in January.

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com