April’s Spectacular ‘Cirkus Moxie’ Lights Up Brooklyn Art Haus!

On the enchanting evening of April 24th, the curtains rose to unveil the captivating spectacle of the Cirkus Moxie show. An array of fresh talents graced the stage, adding a delightful new dimension to the event.

Madeline Hoak, the esteemed producer and MC, brought her delightful presence to the event, enhancing the evening with charm and expertise.

In the opening act, Dia Seskin captivated the audience with her skillful contortion and hand balancing, keeping them enthralled throughout.

Following suit, ‘The Brides‘ took the stage with their mesmerizing ‘A Clownwork Orange’ act, introducing the audience to a blend of sideshow flair and captivating duo balancing acrobatics.

Jake Nguyen enchanted the audience as he gracefully moved on the lyra, showcasing magical and skillful maneuvers. His command of the ring was both lyrical and powerful, captivating all who watched.

Olivia Sblendorio injected elements of clowning and burlesque into the disciplined performances of the evening’s variety acts. Her act was marked by hysterical and ingenious moments, highlighted by a custom-made dress that added a novel twist unseen by many.

Once again gracing the stage, ‘The Brides‘ presented their duet, ‘Clown Love,’ blending elements of sideshow and comedy into a performance that was both lyrical and, at times, honestly terrifying.

Kyla Ranney mesmerized the audience with her introduction to the aerial rope hammock. She showcased visually stunning maneuvers that left spectators pleasantly surprised. Her masterfully executed moves demonstrated a seasoned professional’s muscular discipline and aerial skill.

Following the show’s conclusion, a well-deserved ‘curtain call’ was met with resounding applause from the audience, acknowledging the exceptional talent showcased throughout the evening.

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com