Eliza Bent – Toilet Fire/Rectums in the Rectory @ Abrons Arts Center 11/13/15

Toilet Fire written by and featuring Eliza Bent (and Aliana Ferris) was a surreal mass chock full of costumes, scenery, sing-along hymns, projected slogans and graphs and plenty of POOP puns. A hysterical romp through Eliza’s intellectual take on the daily ritual that we all share. Here are some photographs from the evening’s mass.

Eliza BEnt in Toilet FireYes..that is right! The Economics of Poop.

2015.11.13_EBent.137Her sermon was intense and provoking to the audience.

2015.11.13_EBent.164Aliana Ferris played the cantor and piano to accompany Eliza in her sermons.

2015.11.13_EBent.288Her altar was unique and useful in her talk about ‘poop’.

2015.11.13_EBent.295She introduced several characters that talked about their relationship with diarrhea and poop.

2015.11.13_EBent.335The bearded old man made a collection from everyone in the audience.

2015.11.13_EBent.370Eliza Bent closes the show with a heartfelt talk to the audience about ‘why’ she wrote this play.

A great time in the theater! Wonderful production, costumes and direction.

To read more about the play go to the delightful review on Culturebot by Jerry Lieblich

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nic Adams – Assistant Director/Stage Manager

Jess Barbagallo – Dramaturg

Eliza Bent – Playwright/Performer

Christopher Bowser – Set/Lights

Enver Chakartash – Costumes

Alaina Ferris – Cantor (Piano)

Caroline Gart – Producer

Anthony Jackson – Projections

Kevin Laibson – Director

Eva von Schweinitz – Sound

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com