Window Shots – A series of self portraits from 1974.

I use to have a great studio apartment on West 29th Street across from The Old Garden Restaurant. (Between 5th and Broadway)

I was on the 4th floor and had a wonderful sky light in the ceiling that allowed me to shoot in my apartment with available light. It was beautiful!

I had this idea to do some self portraits framed by the window with white face in different costumes. Here are a few from the series.

This was taken in the mirror I had in my apartment used to rehearse my mime. (Vincent van Gogh look!)(Not part of the series)


Jump suit with patches.

Suit, tie and bolla hat.

Mime face with military jacket.

This was my Jim Morrison look!

Pardon the stain in upper right corner. These were scanned off prints.

Dark and menacing shot!

I always was a performer and a photographer so I found myself always doing shots of myself  in costumes and makeup.

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of