WaxFactory’s – #aspellforfainting – Incubator Arts Project – ‘Other Forces 2014’

Presented at Studio 440

Performers and creative team:

Gillian Chadsey

Ivan Talijancic

Shige Moriya / LEIMAY

The program note was as follows:

“Audience members are encouraged to use their mobile phones (turn ringer and flash OFF) to record photos, videos, or sounds and Tweet them using the hashtag #aspellforfainting.

The WaxFactory website statement:

“A brand new ensemble work for a solo performer, a sound artist/DJ and a video artist/VJ, titled#aspellforfainting is an improvisational piece, created anew for each performance by using disparate textual sources (The Seagull, Macbeth, Hamlet, Streetcar Named Desire, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, YouTube instructional videos, etc), a multitude of musical selections and sounds, and over 50 objects as an investigation in the chaos of creation. The performer is given a series of tasks to complete while the DJ/VJ team shifts through a constantly rotating series of textual sources, sound cues, light changes, and props placed in the performers path.”

A revelatory exploration of space and emotions by WaxFactory. Stunning and emotional journey into the heart of the moment.

Here are some images I captured that night.

Gillian Chadsey performs at 440 StudioA solo performer on the white fabric stage, a sound artist/dj and video artist working together

WaxFActory performance of #aspeallforfainting.Spraying the air with a container of aerosol and proceeding to take on a large black wig in the middle of an emotional moment.

Gillian Chadsey in the wig during the #aspellforfaintingGillian Chadsey was an emotional roller coaster as she moved from one character to another hardly speaking.

Gillian Chadsey reading a letter during the perormance.The audience was in close proximity of the performance of Gillian Chadsey . 

The conclusion of #aspeallforfainting

The final scene from the #aspellforfainting performance ends with Gillian Chadsey collapsed on the floor after speaking in the microphone.

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com