Visiting tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle in San Francisco – July 2015

Lyle Tuttle tattoo artistLyle Tuttle in front of his shop in San Francisco.

Lyle Tuttle's tattoo shopFront of the tattoo shop at 841 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco.

2015.07.12_SF.154The interior of one wall with designs and tattoo artifacts from around the world.


2015.07.12_SF.159By going public in the late 1960s as Janis Joplin’s artist, Lyle Tuttle helped make it acceptable for tattooed women to be powerful role models today.

2015.07.12_SF.192“Because I was lucky to have the greatest time slot that any tattoo artist ever had in tattooing, it wound up that I had tattooed on six continents. So I had an opportunity to tattoo on seven continents.” -Lyle Tuttle

2015.07.12_SF.199Jim Moore, Lyle Tuttle and Deborah Monlux in front of the shop.

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I hadn’t seen Lyle Tuttle since 1972 which was when I was last in San Francisco. I did an article on him for the rock & roll magazine CRAWDADDY with photographs and an interview. The story never got published by the photograph is posted on this blog.

Last month I had a chance to revisit San Francisco and wanted to see if I could contact Lyle and meet up. He was very receptive and we met and had drinks, dinner and talked throughout the night. Here are a few photographs.

LyleTuttle.5Me and Lyle Tuttle hanging out at the local bar near his shop.

2015.07.12_SF.185Lyle, Deborah and Gina Braden talking whiskey with the bartender. (he wasn’t as mean as he looks!)

2015.07.12_SF.191Lyle shows Deborah some photographs on his phone.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.59.33 AM~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jim R. Moore


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