Visiting Paul J. Curtis at The American Mime Theatre

For many years I attended the American Mime Theatre. It was located at 192 Second Avenue when I first began classes and subsequently moved to another location on Bond St later.

I was working at the time in a photo lab on 23rd St and would go to class before my shift. (Nightshift started at 7pm)

I was so delighted to participate in the American Mime work by becoming the ‘official photographer’ for quite a few years. I documented many shows and classes over the years. (negs and photographs on file at AMT office)

One of my favorite memories from that time was visiting Paul one day before I was going to work and talking about what was going on with the AMT company’s upcoming shows and classes. Here is a photograph taken with my camera by Jean Barbour of Paul J. Curtis and myself laughing at something we both found amusing. (can’t remember what it was…)

Paul was a vital force in many people’s lives and we miss him dearly.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of