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Outside Talker Press is proud to copublish this new title from Nathan Wakefield with Shocked and Amazed Imprints.

Shocked and Amazed Imprints and Outside Talker Press are thrilled to announce our newest copublished title, delving into the captivating world of a classic American sideshow act that has since faded from our popular culture: the Geek Act.
Once a staple of entertainment from 1896 to the 1950s, this amazing study sheds light on the unique and bizarre performance that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.
While the Geek Act may no longer be practiced today, its legacy lives on as a fascinating piece of American history, and a testament to the lengths performers would go to captivate and shock their audiences.

Here is the press release!

[New York, NY] – Outside Talker Press, in cooperation with Shocked & Amazed Imprints is pleased to announce the publication of The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek: Snake Eaters, Human Ostriches, and Other Extreme Entertainments by Nathan Wakefield, the definitive history of the vilest of all carnival acts, replete with illustrations, photographs, and fascinating ephemera from the Elizabethan era to now. Prefaced with a personal essay by James Taylor (Shocked & Amazed!), the book is available in Pre-Sale NOW!
Before “geek” became synonymous with computer wizardry, the term referred to the lowest of all carnival acts. Wild-eyed and unkempt, the geek would bite the head off of a chicken or rodent, splattering blood and crunching bone, as the animal writhed in death throes and horrified audiences looked on in disgust. Steeped in cruelty and controversy, not to mention dubious
hygienics, geek shows are now largely a thing of the past. For hundreds of years, however, geeks were a popular form of entertainment, though farfetched promotional puffery, hyperbolic portrayals in books and films, and the sheer lack of credible information regarding the lowest of all lowbrow entertainment, have made it difficult to separate fact from fiction.
The Rise and Fall of the Sideshow Geek is the first book to present a detailed and unflinching history of the sideshow geek. Variety entertainer Nathan Wakefield sifts through historical documentation to answer all your burning questions about this gruesome variety act: Who was the first sideshow geek? How did geek shows operate? What were some notable geeks? In addition, the book examines adjacent genres of live entertainment, including wild men, stone eaters, human ostriches, and competitive goldfish swallowers.

An impressive survey drawing back the curtains on one of the most strange and macabre corners of the history of popular entertainment and a must-read for sideshow fans and performers… Step right up and peek inside (if you dare).
— Mistress Kali, The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny

If you have a passion for the ‘geek’ world and want to secure your copy of this incredible new book…you can purchase it with a discount right now!

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