Vaudevisuals Interview with Steven Samuels – Magnetic Theatre Company – Asheville, North Carolina

“In a year that has seen many more than its share of dystopic and apocalyptic visions on stage, it is a breath of fresh, clear, cool air to discover John Crutchfield’s stunning new play ‘Landscape With Missing Person’, a luminous but quiet celebration of the power of the human spirit and of love.”
NY Theatre – Martin Denton

Steven Samuels talks about the Magnetic Theatre Companies new play Landscape with Missing Person currently at The FringeNY Festival. The venue is Teatro Latea at 107 Suffolk Street, NYC.
He discusses the play, playwright John Crutchfield and his working relationship with him and the company.
The play has 3 actors but quite a few more characters. Directed by Steven Samuels.
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