Vaudevisuals interview with Sim Yan Ying

Today I met with Singaporean native Sim Yan Ying (YY). I had visited her country in 1989 and we talked about the city and its unique place in the world of cities.

Her semi-autobiographical show is all about her growing up in Singapore and the self-destructive obsession she had with white men and the postcolonial baggage, white worship and ‘politically correct‘ culture she experienced.

Watch her interview here!

Written & Performed by Sim Yan Ying “YY”

Developed with & Directed by Renee Yeong Developed with & Dramaturgy by Nicholas Chan

Line Producer Miranda Gohh

Multimedia Designer Cashton Tate Rehklau

Associate Multimedia Designer Nicholas Sanchez

Assistant Director Ava Novak

Stage Manager & Producing Assistant Siena Yusi

Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager Alex M. Lee

Photography by Sub/Urban Photography

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