Vaudevisuals interview with Poncili Creacions – ‘Bending Endinning’

I had a great time interviewing Efrain del Hierro of Poncili Creacion from Puerto Rico. His wild object creations are so much fun and he enjoys the work as you can tell from the constant ‘glow’ on his face. Watch this great interview and then come see Efrain and brother Pablo put on a ‘spectacle’ like you probably have never seen before!

One of the Poncili Creacion objects.
A Poncili Creacion photographed on location in Puerto Rico.

From the Press Release:

In Bending Endinning… Poncili Ceación will humbly try by any means–with aggressive energy & unorthodox techniques–to remove from the human minds of the audience the belief that not everything is possible. Prepare yourself to be touched, challenged & surprised while they perform open-mind surgery on your preconditioned brain.

Using large-scale transformative sculpture, raw magic & visceral energy, Poncili Ceación plunges us into a whimsical nightmare to contemplate the beauty of nothingness all around & within us. This is one ride that you won’t escape unscathed.

This one-of-a-kind night of unconventional puppetry will also feature a cardboard invasion by Brooklyn’s own BOXCUTTER COLLECTIVE! Core members Sam Wilson, Jason Hicks, Tom Cunningham & Joe Therrien are part of an extended family that includes Puppeteers, Painters, Performers, Builders, Educators, Workers, Union Organizers, & Mischief Makers. They make cultural work for the revolution from garbage & bad jokes. Their aim is to take down the rotten empire one cardboard puppet show at a time.

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Producer Brendan and Poncili’s own Efrain del Hierro at Vaudevisuals headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. after the interview.

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