Vaudevisuals interview with Noah Diamond ~ “Freedonia Marxonia”

Noah Diamond has put together a streaming talk about the Marx Brothers and their time in New York City. Part of the Freedonia Marxonia Annual Festival. This time the festival will be streaming instead of being held way upstate in Fredonia at the SUNY campus there. So come and attend it!

In this interview Noah talks about what he put into the upcoming LIVE talk.

Pardon the sync issue. Difficult to record off the computer streaming screen!

From: Freedonia Marxonia FB page.

Every fall, the State University of New York at Fredonia pays homage to the town’s near-namesake, Freedonia-the mythical kingdom at the center of the Marx Brothers’ 1933 classic Duck Soup. Since 1987, the Freedonia Marxonia festival has become a tradition for Marx Brothers fans. This year, with the pandemic restricting public gatherings, Freedonia Marxonia has gone virtual.

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Julius Henry Marx (Groucho) on the left and Adolph Marx (Harpo) on the right holding a rat terrier dog, c. 1906

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