Vaudevisuals interview with Joe Galan – Clown Cabaret Host

JOE GALAN is an actor, comedian and clown based out of New York. He co-hosts An Unapologetic Mess: A Clown Variety Show and has performed as part of numerous sketch, improv and clown teams over the last 15 years. He was a teacher for over five years at the People’s Improv Theater (The PIT), and also taught regularly at New York’s own Clown Gym and Finest City Improv in San Diego. Joe is a founding member of NYC’s “most outrageous” comedy troupe FUCT, which performed at UCB, the PIT, Joe’s Pub, Caroline’s on Broadway and comedy festivals nationally and internationally.

For more information about the Clown Cabaret or Joe’s workshop go here.

Free Preview Cabaret

September 5, 2018

See free preview of upcoming festival shows and more! Hosted by Frank (Joe Galan) and One Lonely Chunk (Kim Kaiser) of An Unapologetic Mess: A Clown Variety Show.

60 minutes

Wednesday, September 5 @ 7pm

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