Vaudevisuals Interview with Heather Litteer – “Lemonade”.

Heather Litteer in ‘Lemonade’ at The Club at LaMama

Heather came to the Big Apple to become an actress. Little by little, part by part, she worked her way up the ladder, playing the hookers, junkies, and strippers — you know, the parts that some actresses are too afraid to play. Then came the role of a lifetime.

Heather Litteer’s gripping, funny, heartfelt solo show explores how women are treated both onscreen and off. Her adventures as an actress and downtown darling are mixed with calls back home to her ill but steel magnolia of a mother, who’s southern roots are so strong the can suffocate. Navigating the absurd misogyny of our mediaverse, Lemonade turns female exploitation on its head, and offers redemption to any woman who has even been typecast.

Directed by Elena Heyman

Assistant Directed by Callie Jane Farnsworth

Dramaturg: Lucy Sexton

Script Editor: Mike Albo

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