Vaudevisuals Interview with Christopher Bayes

Christopher Bayes

An interview with the Head of Physical Acting at Yale Drama School and a Professor of Physical Acting at Juilliard Drama School. Christopher Bayes has had much experience with the ‘clown’ and ‘commedia dell’arte’ styles of acting. In this interview he talks about his work as a director and teacher and about the shows he has directed. What the state of affairs is with the current clown and commedia dell’arte work that is being produced. For the Broadway show ‘39 STEPS‘  Christopher was Movement Director & and created Additional Movement.

 Christopher on “What’s the Great Ideal

“My greatest wish is that we can have a more playful theater, a theater without so much math or formula, a theater full of imagination, full of poetry, tragedy and great beauty.  I want to laugh more when I go to the theater. I want to be astonished by the logic of nonsense and by the blistering ferocity of passion expressed without worry and given away with complete and hilarious abandon. I love to see actors surprised by their talent.”

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