Vaudevisuals interview with CB Goodman ~ ‘In the Beginning’.

Discovering new performers that live outside New York City is always a treat for me. I constantly scan festival listings for ‘out-of-towners’ that look interesting and work in genres I like to document. One such show is “In The Beginning” from Austin, Texas. The company is Grackle Jack Productions headed up by CB Goodman. I found her through a good friend/clown Hilary Chaplain, and Hilary had great things to say about her work and a new show. I got her to interview for Vaudevisuals, and her show opens on Sunday, the 19th. In just a few days.

In this Garden, we’re starting over. Inflatable friends. Ballet. Apocalyptic disco. A wild woman dum dum show where Adam floats by, The Fruit isn’t what you think, and a sheep proves labels create limits.

Using comedy, satire, non-traditional storytelling structures, puppets, and a pool party aesthetic, In The Beginning invites the audience to imagine the possibilities of their own genesis and to reclaim their beginnings alongside each other. 

For more information and to get tickets (while they last!) go to this site.

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