Vaudevisuals interview with Alex Neuhausen – “The Secret Loft”

‘The Secret Loft’

New York City always has remarkable places to ‘discover’.  ‘The Secret Loft’ is one of those special places. Performances of poetry, music, circus arts and more can be found here. If you know where to go. It is a ‘secret’. Here is Co-Owner Alex Newhausen talking about the space.

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Alex Neuhausen and Lilly Wolfson are the co-owners of the space.
Ariel Iasevoli is the booker and producer for our circus and burlesque shows.
Dave Gelles is our hospitality manager.
Tom Winquist is our indie rock booker.
Performers can send an email to with a short pitch and a link to performance videos.
Tamara Ochoa performing at the Secret Circus event.
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