Vaudevisuals Interview with Adam Rinn ~ “Congress of Curious People”.

One of the amazing performances during the Congress will be the Fleet Family Five!

Fleet Family Five is a family-friendly sideshow spectacular. Fast-paced and funny, featuring former Coney Island MC- Tyler Fyre, Palace of Wonders designer- Thrill Kill Jill, and the 3 most dangerous boys in elementary school – Hank Lightning, Duke Dynamite, & Nash Chopper Fleet. This very real family of five brings you death-defying daredevil danger with all the class and confetti of a Broadway show.  Fire-eating, Sword-swallowing, Snake-charming, Chainsaws, & Dangerous children! Don’t miss this guaranteed good time! Back on stage where it all began at Sideshows by the Seashore in Coney Island.

FLEET FAMILY FIVE – Sat. 2pm Show.

Based on what Adam talked about there is obviously a lot more going in during the Congress of Curious People weekend! So click below to get the additional information from the source itself!

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