Vaudevisuals interview with A.J.Silver ~ ‘A Cowboy from the Bronx’.

I have photographed and videotaped A. J. Silver many times and I always enjoy his performances. Here is a video interview we did yesterday to bring attention to his upcoming show “A Cowboy from the Bronx” at the Voohees Theater in Brooklyn.

But before we get to the interview here is a sample video from his wonderful show.

A.J. Silver has performed all over the world in circus, theaters, cabarets and this is his special one-man show. A delightful telling of his story about growing up in the Bronx and learning ‘trick horse riding’. Listen in and get your tickets soon.

To attend the show please find the necessary form here.

And look at this information sheet about visiting the campus.

Look forward to seeing you in the audience for this fun, enchanting and educational show “A Cowboy from the Bronx”.

The tickets and additional information can be found HERE~

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of