Vaudevisuals interview with Tom Murrin – Alien Comic

Tom Murrin Alien Comic Theater Festival @ LaMama
To coincide with this wonderful festival currently at LaMama I am posting a 2 Part interview I did with Tom Murrin / Alien Comic on Oct 10,2008
Part 1 was shown at the LaMama Club ‘Coffeehouse Chronicles #119 – Tom Murrin aka Alien Comic’. April 19, 2014.
Panel Discussion at LaMama on Tom Murrin
The panel discussion included (lft to Rgt) John Vaccaro, Michael Arian, moderator Sarah Maxfield, Patricia Sullivan, Jo Andres, John Gernand and John Jesurun.
I wanted to post these for all of Tom’s fans who weren’t able to attend the wonderful panel discussion.

Part 1

Part 2

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For information/tickets for the festival go here.

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