Vaudevisuals Interview with Ralph Lee – Mask Maker/Puppeteer/Actor

Upon entering Ralph Lee‘s apartment I glanced up at a small loft bed and was greeted by a large mask.

Ralph explained to me it was the used in the first Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in 1974.

A Ralph Lee mask used in the first Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.

In 1976 Ralph Lee became the Artistic Director of the Mettawee River Theatre Company.

In this in-depth interview Ralph traces his early days in college to the present day show at St. John’s The Divine (Opening of Xu Bing’s PHOENIX exhibit)where he shares the bill with aerialist Philippe Petit.

For more information on Ralph Lee and the Mettawee River Theater Company go here.

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“The puppets themselves, designed and created by the legendary Ralph Lee, are charming and realistic.” Gail Burns

“Renowned puppet and mask maker Ralph Lee, whose creations range from intricate and wonderfully sophisticated puppets to the naughty Land Shark on Saturday Night Live.” Broadway
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Jim R. Moore


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