Vaudevisuals interview with Phoebe Legere – Shakespeare and Elizabeth 1st: A Reality Show

I arrived at Theater for the New City and Phoebe followed behind me with her small hat shaped luggage. We met and immediately ‘connected’ with one another. The interview was really fun to do and I am looking forward to seeing this show!

Shakespeare and Elizabeth 1st: A Reality Show

Book, Music and Lyrics by Phoebe Legere
Directed by Zen Mansley

Phoebe talks about the new show and what inspired her to make it happen.
A new musical comedy about love, war, espionage and creative genius.
It opens at Theater for the New City on November 29th,

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A Musical Excerpt from the show:

Shakespeare and Elizabeth 1:The Reality Show
Featuring: Phoebe Legere, Rhys Tivey, Zen Mansley, Haley Sullivan, Michael La porta, Janette Johnston, Ben Reno
Shakespeare/Scholar: David “Zen” Mansley
Queen Elizabeth: Phoebe Legere
Bloody Mary: Haley Sullivan
Lettuce: Michael LaPorta
King Philip of Spain: David “Zen” Mansley
Executioner: David “Zen” Mansley
Robert Dudley : Rhys Tivey
Witch #1: David “Zen” Mansley
Witch #2: Hayley Sullivan
Mary Queen of Scots: Phoebe Legere
Cecil: William Niederkorn
Dr. John Dee, the Court Astrologer: David “Zen” Mansley
Duke of Norfolk: Hayley Sullivan
Taster: Haley Sullivan
Anne Boleyn: Phoebe Legere
Henry VIII: David “Zen” Mansley

Fencing Coach, stage combat choreographer: William Giraldo
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