Vaudevisuals Interview with Peter, Kara Lynn and Julia of Deer Players

The Brink of Us – written by NYC Playwright Delaney Britt Brewer is being presented at The Guest Room at Art/NY opening on April 25th.
In this interview the director Kara Lynn Vaeni talks about the play and how she has worked on it.
Peter Staley and Julia Piker are co-producers and act in the play. They discuss the nature of the play and what they expect to happen when it is performed.
This productions is a New George Supported Production
For tickets and more information go here!
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Play description:
“The Brink of Us artfully, and ominously, tells the story of how the ghosts of our past can come howling into the present. Remember to lock the door; it’s treacherous outside, and the deer are getting hungry…”

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