Vaudevisuals Interview with Michelle Sutherland – Theater Plastique

 In a three-day marathon event that is part intergalactic jam session and part haunted house party, award-winning artist collective Theater Plastique explores the uncharted dimensions of Dickinson’s poetry in search of what is American, wild, and free. 

Theater Plastique at Bushwick Starr

Michelle Sutherland is a very energetic, intelligent and gifted director. Her company THEATER PLASTIQUE is bringing the poems of Emily Dickinson to a new audience with a great innovative production. I talked with Michelle about her ideas that led to the concept of the show.


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 Praise for Theater Plastique last production: “Gertrude Stein Saints”

“A wonderful theatrical event…should be on everyone’s must-see list. Through an eclectic approach to an enigmatic array of poetry and prose, this ensemble nimbly confronts the essence of American language and joyfully engenders its soul.”

“ ★★★★★ Run, don’t walk to Gertrude Stein SAINTS! This isn’t a play, or a ballet or a concert—it is a happening…This show needs to be held over—it needs to move Off Broadway for a commercial run.”

Winner of Overall Excellence: Musical and Overall Excellence: Directing (Michelle Sutherland) at FringeNYC 2013.

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